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Sucuraj, Hvar Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia


Surrounded by pebble beaches and turqoise clear sea, Sucuraj is a wonderul town of typical Mediterranean charm. Franciscian monastery, as one of the oldest buildings in Sucuraj, could tell many interesting tales of the turbulent past the town has had, having even two reconstructions done to itself, in 1309 and 1994. The fort of Sucuraj was rebuilt after the town was damaged in fire, in 1613. Sadly, it suffered further damage during WWII. Sucuraj was the meeting point of three states in the time of Ottoman-Venetian wars, Venetian republic, Ottoman empire and the Dubrovnik republic. Many refugees, fleeing into the city in front of Turks, built Sv. Ante church in 1663. The church, nowdays, holds a fascinating collection of amphora found in the seas around Sucuraj. Sucuraj is also famous for its lighthouse, built in 1889, to watch over the sailors sailing eastern shores of Hvar.


Sucuraj, Hvar Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaSucuraj, Hvar Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia