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Vis, Vis Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia


Vis, settled under the ancient name of Issa, was the first city built in the Croatian Adriatic, using a square urban pattern. The whole history of the city can still be seen through the remains of old city ruins, roman theatre on Prirova peninsula, roman forum and monumental thermes. The oldest verses in the region, bronze sculpture of the Aphordita and many amphora are a part of the Issa archaeological collection, being exhibited in the town. Reinessance Gariboldi palace, Gazarovic mansion and Sv. Ciprijan churhch are the most famous monuments to the glorious 16th and 17th century. Magnificent forts in Vis, built by the English in 1811, can still be seen and pay tribute to the victory over French and claiming of the island. Being under the authority of many european empires through history, one can still hear the english, french, german and even hungarian words in the talk of the exceptionally friendly and cheerful locals.


Vis, Vis Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaVis, Vis Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia