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Dugi otok Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Dugi Otok Island

Dugi otok is one of the largest islands in Zadar archipelago. With over 120km2 of land, it is populated with more than 3,000 residents, most of which live in the biggest city of the island, Sali.
Locals are mostly engaged in fishing, agriculture, olive oil production, beekeeping and tourism.
In between many karst hills there are many valleys with Velo jezero, Arnjevo, Stivanje and Srdinje being the largest. Island holds many caves exciting to explore such as the Strasna pec, Kozja pec, Veli badanj, Creven rupe and Pecina. Island is mostly surrounded with low and lightly sloped coast and many famous sandy beaches you certainly should visit. Soliscica, Pantera and Telascica being few of the most known. The area around Telascica beach, in the southern part of the island, is a proteced natural area, declared a national park and is one of the most spectacular places on the island. Fascinating to see are also the lakes Veliko and Malo jezero near Zman and a salt lake in the Telascica national park. Througout the island there are around 15 marked archaelogical sites for you to explore, and around the island there are many trekking and biking tracks you can use for recreation, a paint-ball field and many diving schools for you to make the most out of your holidays!


Dugi otok Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaDugi otok Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia