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Kornati NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

National Park Kornati Islands

South of Zadar, in the seas west of Sibenik, lies an archipelago of admirable beauty. Named after the biggest of islands, Kornati archipelago, due to their exremely rich and interesting landscape, animal and plant life, was declared a national park in the 1980. Interestingly, it is the only national park in Croatia being in private property. The two mesmerizing chains of 89 premanent island and almost as much reefs and islets occasionally appearing above sea level, are situated on two neighbouring tectonic plates. Islands only have a single village, named Vrulje, however, there are few private houses hidden in the safety of coves on the islands, offering accomodation. Its incredibly diverse coast, higly jagged and indented, offers numerous bays and beaches to enjoy yourself on, which you will certainly fall in love with. Sailing the "slalom" around the 89 islands of Kornati is an experience one never forgets and is the main reason Kornati being named a "nautical paradise" by sailors who always come back for more Kornati pleasure.


Kornati NP, cruising region Northern DalmatiaKornati NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia  

Islands' ground is mostly karst, so Kornati hold many caves and pits who area  home to many animal species, many of which are endemic. Vegetation of Kornati islands is quite sparse because of the forest fires that took place in the past, but still, it is concidered very valuable, being a home to many medical herbs such as sage and feather grass. On the contrast, as soon as you dive under the sea surface, the magnificent marine world reveals itself. Along with animals common for the Adriatic sea, there are huge colorful coral colonies decorating the Kornati sea floor, as well as the exremely rare and protected by law clams, Pinna Nobilis, and sea sponges, which local people used to dive out in this area the most.


Kornati NP, cruising region Northern DalmatiaKornati NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia