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Krka NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

National Park Krka

Krka river is over 70km long and has it source near the city of Knin. It flows and rapidly descends, finally merging with the sea down the Krka canyon, near town Skradin. Spreading around the river, Krka national park covers an area of over 100km2 of waterfalls and beautiful, lush forests. One of the places of particualr charm is a Skradinski buk, a 400m long and 100m wide pool of clear, natural water with cascades of 17 waterfalls descending down more than 45m. It is known as the largest and one of the most beautiful limestone waterfalls in Europe. Roski waterfall cascades are the other well know attraction of the park, easily accesable by boat or road. Midst summer heat, you can always find refreshment and a place to enjoy under one of the Krka's waterfalls. Apart from picturesque landscape and rich flora and fauna, national park Krka is of huge cultural importance, holding many historical sites which all tell their interesting story such as the 15th century Catholic monastery on a small island Visovac, built by Franciscians, and the Eastern Orthodox Monastery Krka, founded in 1345.

Krka NP, cruising region Northern DalmatiaKrka NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia  

Krka cut its way through the landscape, forming impressive canyon with sheer cliffs, a place of staggering beauty, specially during sunset when the cliffs start glowing red. Canyons open up as Krka enters the Prokljan lovely lake, on its way to meet the sea. That area, where fresh and salt water mix, called the ria, is 23km long and has crystal clear and clean water, free of any form of pollution. Therefore, it is very rich in shells, sea fish and freshwater fish. Taking advantage of the exceptional sea quality there are many muscles farms in the area, spread out over channel flowing towards Sibenik city.


Krka NP, cruising region Northern DalmatiaKrka NP, cruising region Northern Dalmatia