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Prvic Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Island of Prvic

Prvic is famous as a home to the "Croatian Leonardo da Vinci", Faust Vrancic, mostly known for the invention of parachute and for being the author of the 1st Croatian dictionary. Museum containing his work is in Prvic Luka where you can view most of the work done by the genius, and the nearby church still holds his remains. On the island there is another village, Sepurine. Inhabited in the ancient times, island Prvic is at its peak in the middle ages, when nobility from Sibenik started building masions and villas there.
With no cars allowed, the island is tranquil, yet full of lively mediterranean charm. There are so many beaches and bays on the island, you're almost certain to find a desolate lovely beach just for yourself!


Prvic Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaPrvic Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia