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Rava Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Island of Rava

Rava is a small island with two permanent settlements, Velika and Mala Rava. The rocky island has a very indented coast with 13 beautiful bays and two speleological sites, which are still not fully explored. Soil on the island is excellent for growing grapes and olives, and the majority of residents are engaged in the activities. Mala Rava, one of the two villages on the island, holds many historical evidence of life in the past, with chapel of St. Peter being the most famous due to vicinity of the unexplored medieval ruins. Vela Rava, stretching over Marnija, Grbacina and Grbavac bays is an interesting place for sailors, offering shelter from the wind.


Rava Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaRava Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia