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Vransko jezero, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Lake Vrana

Lake Vrana, a phenomenon of nature, is the largest natural lake in Croatia. A karst field crytodepression, it has been declared a park of nature. Several small sources supply the lake with fresh water. Lake is a home to many rare species of waterfowl and is declared an Important Bird Area by the EU criterion. Lake is rich with fresh water fish and an endemic species Scardinius erythrophtalamus lives here, exclusively. As huge water source, the lake was of major significance in the past, as well. Many archaeological sites are in the area, telling the tale of an ancient aqueduct leading from the lake, all the way to Zadar. There are many tracks around the lake to strool or to ride the bike on. Fishing is allowed in the lake, with the exception of the orintological reserve area.


Vransko jezero, cruising region Northern DalmatiaVransko jezero, cruising region Northern Dalmatia