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Zirje Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Island of Zirje

Once, an island covered in mediterranean oak, Zirje got its name after a tree, zir means acorn. Being located by the important naval trading route, it has been fortified way back in the 6th century, by the Byzanthine emperor Justinijan. Famous for its perfectly clean and clear sea and the unspoiled nature, Zirje has even more to offer than meets the eye at first. Well known, on the island, is the "Mrvica" farm, serving home made food and products. Island is exceptionally rich with wildlife, 485 plant species inhabit the island, mostly maquis, medical herbs and spices, and 253 species of seaweed inhabit the seas around the island. Locals mostly grow grapes, figs, almonds, plums and produce olive oil.


Zirje Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaZirje Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia