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Zrmanja river canyon, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Zrmanja river canyon

Zrmanja river has its source in Lika, by the foothills of mount Postak. It flows through karst terrain for nearly 70km before it finally merges with the sea. Animal and plant life based around the river can be roughly divided into two groups. The first part, starting from the source until the last waterfall is a typical karst river. Downstream from the Jankovic buk, the river starts mixing with the sea, forming brackish water, all the way to the Novigrad sea. In this, brackish, part Zrmanja is inhabited by many seafish and mollusks. Enjoying the prosperity of available food in Zrmanja, are many species of birds; hawks, ducks, pigeons and more. In the area, there are several remains of watermills, important as the predecessors of modern turbine systems, placed horizontally. Zrmanja canyon, as the most attractive part of the Zrmanja flow was, also, the shooting place for the movie Winnetou.


Zrmanja river canyon, cruising region Northern DalmatiaZrmanja river canyon, cruising region Northern Dalmatia