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Korcula Island, cruising region Southern Dalmatia

Island of Korcula

Named Korkyra Melaina after the lush vegetation, Korcula island had been settled in the 4th century BC by the Greek. Now, it is world known firstly for it's white wine and beautiful beaches. Grk and Posip are the most famous native wines, made from grapes of sandy vineyards of Lumbarda, Posip, Smokvica and Sari. The wines perfectly blend with local dishes zrnovski makaruni and koculanski klasuni!
The island is also well known for honouring the exceptionally rich tradition. Every year, knight games festival is being held, specially famous for dances with swords, the Moreska and the Kumpanija dance! Surrounding the island there are many smaller islets with most beautiful beaches in the region, making it a higly attractive sailing destination.


Korcula Island, cruising region Southern DalmatiaKorcula Island, cruising region Southern Dalmatia