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Lastovo Island, cruising region Southern Dalmatia

Island of Lastovo

The beautiful island of Lastovo was declared a park of nature in 2006. Surrounded with 46 islets, there are 46 hills overlooking 46 valleys, holding 46 churches, making it an excellent destination to enjoy the nature, croatian cuisine, fishing and sailing. Saplun island is famous for its sandy beaches, and the entire coast is carved in numerous cliffs and caves making it ideal for divers, too.
Well known, Lastovo Carnival is one of the oldest in Europe. Being mentioned in 1390 for the first time, it features centuries old tradition and presents a time for fun, relaxation and escape from everyday life. Besides lthe ovely nature and rich cultural tradition, Lastovo holds traces of history reaching back to the bronze period, which can be seen in Raca cave archaeology site.


Lastovo Island, cruising region Southern DalmatiaLastovo Island, cruising region Southern Dalmatia