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Mljet NP, cruising region Southern Dalmatia

National Park Mljet

The oldest proteced sea area of the Croatian Adriatic is island of Mljet. It is the greenest island in Croatia, island of exceptionally lush Mediterannean vegetation, crystal clear and clean sea, warm and sandy beaches and rich marine life. Once you set foot on this magnificent island of mesmerizing and unique beauty, you're bound to come back!
Mljet is famous for its salt lakes and Aleppo pine forests which cover around 90% of the Park. Forests are considered to be one of the most beautiful and preserved of their type in whole of Mediterannean. Many endemic plants make Mljet their home, further increasing island's charm and natural importance. In the area of Veliko and Malo jezero, forest descends down to the coast creating a perfect harmony with the sea. Apart from the forest and maquis, island holds many other types of habitat, such as the sandy dunes, sheer and tall cliffs hanging over the sea and rocky or sandy beaches.


Mljet NP, cruising region Southern DalmatiaMljet NP, cruising region Southern Dalmatia  


Salt lakes of Mljet are fascinating natural wonders, with Veliko and Malo jezero being the largest and most visited. They are special for their salinity, natural beauty and the way they are hardly noticable connected to the sea. Unique conditions allow a colorful animal and plant biosphere to flourish, even the world famous scientist Jacuqes Cousteau used to love coming to the lakes and exploring the amazing wildlife in them.
Island of Mljet has 18 small towns and villages, many of which were built in the 15th century, with tiny village of Okuklje being the oldest coastal settlement on all of Croatia's islands. On Mljet, you can explore the remains of old Roman palaces, medieval churches and much more of the highly remarkable history of the island. According to legend, Odysseus ship sank just off the coast of the island, after hitting sharp rocks. He swam to the nearby cave and took shelter there. Bewitched by nymph Kallisto who lived in the cave, Odysseus was held on the island for seven years, when the Gods ordered his release. Beautiful monastery Sv. Marija built in 1203. on the islet in Veliko jezero is a stunning place, everyone should visit! Discovering Mljet means getting back to the nature and simplicity of life. Coloful and lively, Mljet is a heart-warming place enjoying the best of the hot Mediterranean climate throughout the year, simply charming!


Mljet NP, cruising region Southern DalmatiaMljet NP, cruising region Southern Dalmatia