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Molunat, cruising region Southern Dalmatia


Near the southernmost point of the Croatian coast lies a small fishermen's village of Molunat. Name Molutnat comes from the Illyrian and Greek word molos, meaning port, pointing out the excellent location it is settled on, protecting the village port from the wind and allowing travelers to rest safely during rough weather. Many archaeological sites around the village, some underwater, others on mainland, still tell a tale of magincifent past the village has had, ever since the Roman empire period. Perfect Mediterranean climate favors lush vegetation mostly consisting of maquis, holm oaks, cypress trees and umbrella pines. Clear sea, shallow and rich with fish, beautiful beaches and the picturesque landscape make Molunat a desirable destination, specially for sailors, divers and fishermen.


Molunat, cruising region Southern DalmatiaMolunat, cruising region Southern Dalmatia