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Ston, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern Dalmatia


The ancient city of Ston has been inhabited milleniums ago, in the neolith period. Connecting the Peljesac peninsula with mainland, it has been out of major relevance since the past. The second biggest  fortification in the world has been build here in 1333, in order to protect the furtile Ston valley, Peljesac peninsula and Slanica from the possible attacks.
The five and a half kilometer long fort is unique, not only by its size, but by the way it has been constructed, also. Stovis fort overlooks the city from the highest point of the city walls. Built between 1475 and 1478, it offers breath taking view on the town and salt gardens. Standing next to it, there are four other forts and two city gates. Inside Ston city walls, there are many other impressive historical monuments, such as the 1581 Ston waterpipe, bishop's palace, Sv. Vlaho church and the franciscian monastery. Mali Ston, featuring the oldest urban city plan in Europe, which is now conserved in Dubrovnik historical archives, holds the arsenal, salt storage and huge Koruna fort as biggest attractions. The oldest fresco in the region can be seen in Sv. Mihajlo church, located on a top of a hill, above Ston valley.


Ston, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern DalmatiaSton, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern Dalmatia