Yacht Charter Croatia

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Yacht Charter Croatia

Yacht charter is a very wide concept of booking a boat in the maritime world. Yachts are usually classified into several groups by type: luxury yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets and motor boats. Each type offers a completely different experience and activities for you to engage in. Every boat type has its own subgroups, mainly determined by the boat's maritime performance.

Yacht charter is a uniqe way to spend your holidays, no matter if you have sailed before or not. Spending every evening in other town without the hassle of packing, avoiding summer crowds while traveling to the most attractive beaches and finest of restaurants are just a few reasons why yacht charter presents the best possible way to spend your holidays and explore the beautiful Croatian coast. Every single journey can be fully customized, and thus turned into a unique adventure.




As a professional yacht charter company, we set our focus not only on boat booking, but on each and every other service we can offer as well, to make your holidays a dream come true. Our booking department will answer your inquiries in no time, providing  you with thorough and detailed information. We are more than happy to offer you other services as well, such as assistance in acquiring  accommodation, transport, advice, suggestions, additional boat equipment , skipper and crew services and much more. Our motivation is to provide you with the highest quality service, and our efforts to do so can best be seen through our employees’ attention to details, dedication and kindness, and the smiling faces of our customers!


Yacht charter is classified into three basic categories:

Luxury yacht charter - booking of a yacht longer than 60 ft (18 m) with full time crew on board - the captain, deck hand, sailors or guards, hostess and a cook.  Yacths are constructed and designed following the highest technology standards and feature the latest and most advanced luxury equipment imaginable. Luxury yacht charter service is available for sailing yachts and motor yachts. The category is also known as the “All-inclusive charter“.




Crewed yacht charter - this type of charter implies booking of a yacht and at least one crew member, usually the skipper. Size and type of yacht is irrelevant, sailing yacht, motor boat, large or small, the term only suggests there is a professional crew on board with you. For carefree and relaxing holidays, where you would like to have everything arranged for you, crewed yacht charter is the best and only solution.




Bareboat charter - this service is available only for sailing yachts and motor boats not exceeding the length of 60 ft (18 m), which you can navigate by yourself, providing you have an officially valid license and enough experience.  Bareboat charter means you have to take full responsibility for the yacht, its equipment and safety of all the people on board. That makes you the captain/skipper and your friends can assist you, like a real crew. This charter type is most popular in nautical tourism worldwide, because it offers you absolute cruising independence. Bareboat charter is available for sailing yachts and motor boats.





Before chartering a boat, it is good to have some knowledge of the basic charter terminology:

One-way charter - exceptionally convenient, practical and interesting service of booking a boat, where you board at one place and disembark at another. One-way charter includes an additional cost for returningthe boat to its starting point (one-way fee).

Cabin charter - implies hiring a cabin or a berth in a cabin on a pre-planned barging trip. It is a popular option if you don't have enough people for chartering the entire yacht. Please, bear in mind,  this means you will be sharing the living space on board with unknown people, which, in most  cases, is a very enjoyable and interesting experience.

Check in - mandatory procedures during embarkation, charter company personnel runs through all the yacht related details, equipment, navigation, etc, providing instructions and advice.

Check out - mandatory procedures after disembarking, charter company personnel inspects the yacht for possible damage or defects. If there has been no damage done to the yacht, the client will receive full refund of the security deposit.

Advance payment - the amount of money which you pay after booking and signing the contract, up to 5 days after the booking confirmation. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the deposit payment. The amount of advance payment is 50% of the total charter cost.

Balance payment - remaining amount of money which you pay 5 weeks proir to boarding date, at the latest. Amount of balance payment is the remaining 50% of the total charter cost.

Security deposit - the amount of money which you pay before boarding, at the charter base. You can pay the deposit in cash or with credit cards. Security deposit serves as an insurance against any loss or minor damage that is not covered by the basic (kasko) insurance of the yacht. The amount is refunded in its entirety if there has been no loss of equipment or damage done to the yacht after you check out.

Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT) –  recently often referred to as the MYBA terms (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association), WMT implies charter fees include booking of the yacht and its equipment, insurance of the yacht, crew salaries, food and boat's laundry. The charterer will be charged extra for all other expenses, such as fuel for the yacht and auxiliary vessels, food and beverages for guests, port and marina fees, power and water from the shore, communication expenses, and laundry for the guests. Majority of luxury crewed yacht charters work under the WMT terms across the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Caribbean seas.

Eastern Mediterranean Terms (EMT) - mostly used in Greece and Turkey, implies that charter fees include booking of the yacht and its equipment, insurance of the yacht, breakfast and lunch, fuel for four hours of cruising daily, crew salaries and food and boat's laundry. The charterer will be charged extra for all other expenses, such as fuel for auxiliary vessels, beverages and dinners on board, port and marina fees, power and water from the shore, communication expenses, and laundry for the guests.

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) - implies 20-25% of the charter fee, which is paid by the charterer to cover all additional expenses during cruising such as fuel, food, communications, etc. At the end of the charter, the crew will add up all the expenses and refund what is left of the APA. In case of APA being insufficient, the clients are obliged to cover all additional costs, provided they were given the information in advance.