Yacht Charter Croatia

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Sailing Regattas

Have you ever wondered what a real regatta looks and feels like? Navis gaudia proudly presents a unique service available in the Adriatic - participating in one or more of Croatia's regattas.



If you're keen on sailing, yet have never experienced the thrill of racing with raised sails, make sure you contact us and we'll make your dream come true. From small regattas with friendly atmosphere to the major, professional cup races in Croatia, you will find many to suit your wishes.




Some of the worldwide famous Croatia's professional regattas are Uskrsnja regata, Croatia Cup and the offshore regatta Jabuka, which offers you the experience of "real" sailing with 1-3 days of nonstop sailing.



If you're keener on smaller events and cosy gatherings don't miss our Viska regata, a traditional regatta where all that matters is having fun and  enjoying the company of other competitiors and the warm welcome of local people.




Popular regattas in Croatia:

Gladusa (April)

Karnevalska (February - March)

Sibenska (December)

Jadranska  (April - May)

Three Countries regatta (March - April)

Susac (April)

Zlarinska (April)

Viska (October)

Uskrsnja (April)

Mrduja (May)

ORC cup (June)