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Sailing School

For those who have never skippered a boat, yet they wish to do so, we are able to arrange a training programme in one of the best Adriatic skipper schools. If you have no knowledge of sailing or simply wish to improve your current skills, you will find many of the sailing programmes we offer extremely attractive and helpful. Professional skipper trainers will prepare you for any situation you could encounter on your journey, allowing you to safely set sail anywhere you wish to go.



The basic sailing school programme lasts 7 days with a price of 550€ per preson, with a minimum of four people attending the programme.




You will learn:

- Laws and regulations in the maritime traffic

- How to navigate the boat yourself

- Every single task to keep the boat sailing safely

- Main responsibilities and obligations of the skipper

- How to prepare and react in case of rough weather




Respect the sea and the power it holds.

Sail safely.