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Trpanj, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern Dalmatia


Not many villages on Peljesac peninsula are blessed with the exceptional cultural and historical heritage as Trpanj. Now, a beautiful tourist oasis, Trpanj offers a journey through histoy, from the very begining of mankind. Pottery findings near Gradina fort and on Sv. Roko hill show human presence on Peljesac peninsula dating to the prehistoric period. Many ancient fortresses watching over the shores tell a tale of Byzanthine emperor Justinian fighting the Ostrogoths in these lands. Gradina, the most impressive of them all, is the most significant historical monument of Trpanj. By its walls, the remains of prehistoric settlement were found, further increasing Trpanj's appeal. Apart from the cultural relevance and astonishing beauty of the architecture, Gradina is special for the view on the surroundings it offers, simply breath taking. Stony stairs built in 1936 descend in the city, which holds many more fascinating sites to be seen, like the fascinating, 17th century churches of Our Lady of Karmel and St. Peter and Paul.


Trpanj, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern DalmatiaTrpanj, Peljesac Peninsula, cruising region Southern Dalmatia