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Icici, cruising region Istria and Kvarner


At the meeting point of Ucka foothills and the sea, stands a small town of Icici. Decorated by the luxurious secession villas and mansions, it is a breath taking place, once a summer resort for the Austro-hungarian elite. Most of the architecture is admirably preserved, and is used mainly as tourist accomodation. Icici today are virtually merged with Opatija forming a long, picturesque riviera with astonishing view on the Kvarner bay. One of the most famous cultural happenings in Icici is the documentary film festival, "Liburnia film festival" which gathers crowds, as well as the celebrities from all over the world.


Icici, cruising region Istria and KvarnerIcici, cruising region Istria and Kvarner