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Rovinj, cruising region Istria and Kvarner


Castrum Rubini, a 3rd to 5th century settlement, set on the place of today's Sv. Eufemija church is believed to be the foundation of city of Rovinj as we know it. Proteced by thick city walls back in the 7th century, city had seven gates, with only three remaining. From all over the the city you can see the 60m high sv. Eufemija church tower, peeking over the roofs of typical Mediterannean houses. Following the tradition of fishing, city market has a huge variety of freshly cought fish, shells and crabs on offer. No matter if you seek romantic dinner and a strool by the beach, or an eventful night out in the club, you are certain to find it all, and much more, in city of Rovinj.


Rovinj, cruising region Istria and KvarnerRovinj, cruising region Istria and Kvarner