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Pag Island, cruising region Istria and Kvarner

Island of Pag

Known as the island of cheese, lamb, salt and lace, the island of Pag keeps fascinating us with the recent discoveries of sank ships and amphora, dating to 1st century BC. Remains of the Roman aqueduct also point out the exciting histoy the island has had.
Residents of the island had been living of cheese making, cattlery and olive oil production for centuries. Bura, a strong cold wind, blowing mostly over the winter period, raises salt from the sea, which, combined with the distinct vegetables nutrition, make the Pag lamb taste delicious. On the island you can still see traditional ways of getting the salt from the sea water.
There are big differences between eastern and western parts of the island. Eastern part, facing the mainland is sheer, carved with cliffs, while the western part of the island is significantly lower, with more vegetation, more friendly. Having three fresh water lakes on the island: Veliko blato, Malo blato and Kolansko blato, Pag is one of the few islands rich with fresh water.


Pag Island, cruising region Istria and KvarnerPag Island, cruising region Istria and Kvarner