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Cres Island, cruising region Istria and Kvarner

Island of Cres

Island of Cres is one of the two biggest Croatian islands, situated at the northern tip of Kvarner bay. Long and narrow mountainous island is stretching 66km in length and varies from only 2 to 12 km in width. Almost 250km of indented coast provides plenty of coves, bays and fine, pebbly beaches for you to explore. Northern and eastern shores of the island are rather steep and rocky, offering some of the most spectacular sights, including the biggest bird in Europe, the endangered griffon vulture, who can often be seen gliding in the clear skies.
Island Cres is among Croatia’s best kept secrets, if you are looking for the last European unspoilt piece of paradise. The island hosts some of the most beautiful beaches and lagunas in Croatia with Valun, Lubenice - Sv Ivan, Meli and Mali Bok being just some of them.
Although the island has been inhabited since the later stone age, it is scarcely populated. Cres is rich in historical and cultural sites, including ancient cities, churches and building remains, Glagolitic stone engravings and Venetian heritage buildings.


Cres Island, cruising region Istria and KvarnerCres Island, cruising region Istria and Kvarner  


As you travel around the island, scenery changes dramatically, from steep shores and high peaks to low plains and lagoons. Like the terrain, the vegetation is incredibly diverse, too. From scarce rocky pastures, scattered olive and fig trees, to lush coastal and pine forests. Island of Cres is also unique for its self-sufficient water supply, a huge freshwater lake Vrana. It holds enough water to comfortably supply both Cres and it's neighbour island, Losinj with potable water of excellent quality. Ancient Iliric remains found in the area indicate the lake's importance not only as a water source, but also as a transport route and as a place for fishing.
The origin of the lake still remains a mystery, attracting many local and world-wide scientists.
The wild life of Cres if very friendly, on the island there are no venomous snakes, even though they are common in the Kvarner area.
With city of Cres being the biggest, there are other as appealing and charming little villages of particualr interest. Osor, Beli, Orlec and Valun are just a few of them.



Cres Island, cruising region Istria and KvarnerCres Island, cruising region Istria and Kvarner