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Baska voda, cruising region Central Dalmatia

Baska Voda

Settled by the homonymous fresh water source, Baska Voda is a charming town of major cultural, historical and tourist significance. Coast around the town can only be described as a one large pebble beach, stunningly beautyful. With all required infrastructure it is a place of huge appeal that attracts more and more visitors every year, many of which come strolling from the nearby villages over the lovely promenade running through whole riviera to Brela, overlooking the cliffs descending down in the sea. Baska Voda was one of the most significant contributors to the religous life in Croatia, with many high priests being born there. Sv. Nikola churhc, built in neo-romanesse sytle, glorifies the rich tradtion, and is a sight you should certainly see.


Baska voda, cruising region Central DalmatiaBaska voda, cruising region Central Dalmatia