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Brac Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia

Island of Brac

Brac is the biggest island in central Dalmatia. It is also, one of the few islands parts of which are spread all over the world! Brac stone, one of the world's most popular construction stones, has been used on every continent for building the most spectacular and important buildings: the Diocletian palace in Split, the United Nations building, Pope's altar in Vatican, many buildings all over the Roman empire and some even say it has been used building the White house.
Apart from stone processing, residents of the island are traditionally engaged in fishing, wine making, animal husbandry and olive oil production. On the island there are over half a million olive trees. Zlatni rat, world famous sandy beach, is one of the few natural attractions of the island. It is located  in town of Bol, and has gotten it's fame for the unique shape that changes as the wind changes direction. Fascinating in every way is the Blaca desert, one of the top national candidates to be proteced as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Dragonjina, a.k.a. Zmajeva cave. The evidence of rich and diverse history can be seen through many historical sites, even entire villages spread out throughout the island.


Brac Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaBrac Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia