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Kastele, cruising region Central Dalmatia


Kastele is a unique city, formed in the area around seven castles, that were built for the defense against the Turks. The oldest of castles, dates to 1392. Interestingly, rich history is not the main source of Kastele's fame, it is most known for the incredible horticultural architecture and its value. The olive tree growing in Kastel Stafilic, named Mastrinka by the locals, is 1500 years old!
The Palace hotel park and Park Bitturi are declared monumets of the park architecture, and the botanical school park is home to over 1400 species of plants. On the south slopes of mount Kozjak, around Sv. Marija church, the botanical garden "Garden of the bible" grows all the plants mentioned in the bible. Many megalyth and monumets can be seen in the garden as well. The exceptional care for the enviroment was recognized by the European association for flowers and landscaping, and Kastele were awarded with bronze award "Entente florale" in 2003.


Kastele, cruising region Central DalmatiaKastele, cruising region Central Dalmatia