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Vis Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia

Island of Vis

There are a few, if even that many, islands in Croatia, with such an exceptionally rich history as Vis. Settled by the ancient Greek colonists in the 4th century BC, Vis has been the major urban, economy and military stronghold of the Croatian Adriatic ever since. As wars took place, empires bloomed and vanished, Vis had been under the authority of the Roman empire, Venetian republic, Austria, France and in 1810, United Kingdom, respectively. Mostly due to its location, Vis had alway been a major strategic point, as well, specially during WWII, when it had been used as an allied airfield. One of the biggest naval bases of Yugoslavia was built on Vis, so the island was "cut-off" until 1992. Since then, the exceptional beauty of the island and many attractions left by the millitary past, made Vis one of the hotspots of Croatian Adriatic. The area around Vis is famous for many fascinating, beautiful, natural caves, like Modra Spilja and Medvidina spilja on island Bisevo, Zelena Spilja on Ravnik and local Kraljicina caves. However, the island is also cut through with countless military built tunnels and bunkers, which make a great tourist attraction, as well. Vis offers many different recreational activities. You can go diving, fishing, paragliding, playing cricket, sailing and much more! Many traditional taverns and restaurants, all over the island, offer the most excellent local dishes and wines for you to enjoy in.


Vis Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaVis Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia