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Scedro Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia

Island of Scedro

The Island of Scedro, named Torkola at a time, is a place where the battle for Adriatic took place in 47 BC. Caesar's fleet defeated Pompey's and therefore took over the island Vis. Out of the two settlements that were on the island, only 30 people remain, 15 over the winter period. Well preserved ancient Illyric tomb, remains of the Dominican monastery and the 1465 church of Sv. Marija are the most significant historic monuments on the island. Island is covered in pine, medical herbs and spices. View spreading from the eastern coast on mountains of Hvar, specially at sunset, is a magical experience. Often, you can also see dolphins jumping out of the sea, playing. British writter Charles Arnold described Scedro as the most peaceful of all islands in the Adriatic sea.


Scedro Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaScedro Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia