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Omis, cruising region Central Dalmatia


In the very heart of Dalmatia, surrounded by cliffs, where the magnificent Cetina canyon meets the sea, lies a stunningly attractive town, Omis. Beautiful landscape around it, and the vicinity of Cetina canyon make it a prefect place for those who seek adrenaline and adventure. There are various activities available in the area covering the sea, land and air, such as Cetina canyon rafting, freeclimbing, paragliding, diving, sailing, beach volleyball, tennis, etc. On Omis riviera you can find all sorts of beaches, from cliffs and rocks, to sandy or fine pebble bay with pines leaning over and providing shade, much appreciated midst summer heat. Used by local pirates centuries ago, Fortica and Mirabela fort overlook the city, surrounding seas and large part of the coast. City holds many monuments to the restless history it has had. Attracted by the epic beauty of Omis, Hollywood movie studios even wanted to rent the entire city for shooting movies, but local authorities declined the offer back in the 80's.


Omis, cruising region Central DalmatiaOmis, cruising region Central Dalmatia