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Bisevo Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia

Bisevo Island

With its history reaching all the way back to the 12th century, Bisevo was an island famous for wine making, fishing and lobster hunting. Over the years, the population of island decreased with many emigrating and thereby reducing the production of the island. The beauty of the island is getting more famous with each year, and the remaining locals, apart from the traditional occupations, started turning to toursim as well. Modra and Medvidina caves are the most attractive sites on the island, and even further. Modra cave, located in the Balin bay is a picturesque cave unique for the special light effect created by the diversion and reflection of the Sunlight from the sea floor, creating a distinct blue lighting in the cave. There are two enterances in the cave, the smaller one, which has been widened so you can enter it by a rowing boat and a bigger, underwater one, on the south of the cave. Medvidina cave, shaped as a cone, is famous for being a home to the Mediterannean monk seal, highly endangered species, up to recently. Nowdays, the seals come here only on occasion. Astonishing and breath taking, the Porat beach in the southwest part of the island is declared to be one of the seven most beautiful beaches in the world. Sandy shore sheltered from the wind, with pines leaning over the crystal clear blue sea. On the beach there are few restaurants, where you can enjoy the most excellent local dishes and the magnificent Plavac wine.


Bisevo Island, cruising region Central DalmatiaBisevo Island, cruising region Central Dalmatia