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Pasman Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Island of Pasman

Pasman is one of the bigger islands of the region. It is a place of diverse animal and plant life, specially known for many medical herbs and spices that grow on the island. Clear, crystal blue seas around Pasman are a home to almost all fish and clam species of the Adriatic. The island is full of wonderful sadny beaches and pine woods. On the north side of island, facing the mainland, there many lovely small towns radiating with warm mediterranean charm: Zdrelac, Banj, Dobropoljana, Nevidane, Mrljane, Barotul, Pasman, Kraj, Tkon... South side of the island presents an epic view on the unspoiled nature and the picturesque Kornati islands. Around the island there is a marked biking track leading to mountain V. Bokolj, from which you can experience an epic view on the entire region. Other sites you should visit on Pasman are franciscian monastery Sv. Dujme in Kraj and benedictin monastery Sv. Kuzma and Damjan above Tkon.


Pasman Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaPasman Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia