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Tribunj, cruising region Northern Dalmatia


The coastal town of Tribunj's charm mostly lies in the old city core, being separated on a fortified peninsula, and the splendid view at the Lukovnjak and Logorun islands. Fishing and olive oil production are the main occupations of the locals, with more and more turning to tourism recently, as the city's fame grew over the years and the number of visitors with it. In the city area there are many biking tracks that run through vineyards and olive tree grows, providing a truly remarkable experience. On the nearby hill of Sv. Nikola there is a fort with the remains of walls, once used to defend the city from Turks. Next to the fort, there is a 17th century church of Sv. Nikola, the protector of sailors and fishermen. View stretching from Sv. Nikola hill is magnificent, releavling the neighbouring towns, islands and the most popular beach Zamelin. Tribunj is also a home to a very attractive marina.


Tribunj, cruising region Northern DalmatiaTribunj, cruising region Northern Dalmatia