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Zut Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia

Island of Zut

Zut is one of the Kornati islands with steep, higly indented coast that holds many bays: Hiljaca, Saruscica, Bizikovia, Golubovac, Zesnja, Podrazanj, Strunac and many other, isolated and deserted, yet safe and sheltering for fishing boats and small sailing boats.
This olive, fig and grape grown island has no premanent residents. Occasionally, however, fishermen, olive and fig growers from Murter come to the island to do their work.
Podrazanj is the biggest bay on Zut, stretching between Razanj peninsula and Strunac. Olive trees growing there are believed to give the finest olive oil in the region and even further. There is a marina built in Podrazanj, with 120 docks available and the workshop. Three hilltops nearby, Tvrdomesnjak, Travanj and Gubavca offer a spectacular view on the archipelago.


Zut Island, cruising region Northern DalmatiaZut Island, cruising region Northern Dalmatia