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Skradin, cruising region Northern Dalmatia


Skradin has been an important trading and transport centre since the 6th century, mostly thanks to its geographical position. Situated on a right bank of Krka river, less than 20km from Sibenik, it sits on the crossroads of major trading routes. Because of its importance, Skradin has gone through the hands of Turks, Venetians, French and Austrians over the past. Skradin is famous for its church and its towerbell and the Bribirska glavica archaeological site, also known as the Croatian Troy, due to magnificent harmony of nature and ancient buildings. One of the prestigeous ACI marinas is in Skradin, frequently hosting many of world's celebreties.


Skradin, cruising region Northern DalmatiaSkradin, cruising region Northern Dalmatia